Our Code of ethics

Upon signing an application for membership, each member is bound by the ABCA Code of Ethics.

General standards

Members are required to provide true and accurate information at all times. ABCA Admin reserve the right to request evidence of information provided should they suspect that any information is deemed misleading or untrue.

If any suspected cases of cruelty or negligence towards ones animal are reported to ABCA Admin, Admin will investigate such allegations. If any evidence is found to support the claim, Admin will instantly deregister the member and all evidence will be forwarded to all appropriate authorities. 

Transactions are strictly between a buyer and seller, however Admin reserves the right to act on any dishonesty, misleading information, unethical practice or breach of this Code as it sees fit, particularly in the instance that Admin is contacted with regards to any complaint. 

All members agree to breed to the written breed standard for the improvement of the Aussie Bulldog and agree to not knowingly breed from a dog with a known underlying flaw/condition that is considered limiting to a dog’s quality of life or lifespan. 

The ABCA and its members should always be supportive of fellow breeders and the ABCA itself. Anyone who participates in defamation and/or slander of the ABCA and/or any member will not be tolerated. One written warning will be given to member(s) that breach the Code of Ethics. If said member(s) do not comply to the warning, member(s) will be deregistered without further notice. 


Breeding standards

If any breeder fails to follow the set Code of Ethics, and practice in unacceptable standards, ABCA Admin will deregister the breeder.   

Clause NO 1: Duties of a Breeder 

Members agree to register all puppies bred with the ABCA and provide Registration Certificates to all buyers.

Prior to any mating both the Sire and Dam are required to undergo a pre breeding health check performed by a licensed veterinarian of your choice. The original (not photo copy) health check must be posted to the ABCA. The minimum age for the first pre breeding health check is to be performed at 12 months of age and not before. In order to continue breeding with a dog a health check needs to be renewed every 2 years. 

Breeders Agree to:

  • Not breed from a bitch prior to Twelve (12) months of age. This includes not being mated.
  • Not breed more than twice in 18 months.
  • Not breed another litter for a minimum of 6 months following a caesarean birth
  • Will not breed more than 3 litters from any bitch without veterinary certification of fitness for further breeding.
  • Not breed from any bitch over the age of 6 years of age. This includes any mating prior to, whereby the litter will be whelped following the bitch turning 6 years old.
  • Must not repeat mating’s where genetic health issues have been detected.
  • Will not inbreed. This includes brother/sister mating’s, father/daughter, mother/son.
  • Will limit breeding to Aussie / Australian Bulldogs and British Bulldogs only. No member will mate dogs to other breeds, including Southern Cross Bulldogs or Australasian Bosdogs.
  • Seek Admin approval to use any dogs outside the ABCA, prior to insemination.

ABCA breeders will be given the choice to register their puppies on Full or Pet Register.

Where a breeder has sold a puppy as potential breeding stock the breeder is held responsible and liable should a genetic health issue arise (that has been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian or professional test results). The puppy buyer/owner is required to provide evidence of the genetic health issue in the form of two (2) independent veterinarian reports confirming the condition.

Breeders registering their puppies as pet only are not required to provide reason, unless there is a known health issue (that has been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian or professional test results). Admin ask to be notified of any health problems in order to keep records for future reference of the ABCA and linage of dogs in the current gene pool.  Any information provided to the ABCA will be kept confidential.

Breeders are able to register an entire litter as pet only, with the option of transferring to full registration as the dog reaches maturity and upon an evaluation. The evaluation of the dog is determined by the breeder, however in the event that the breeder has retired, the evaluation will be determined by the ABCA Admin at the time of application.

Where a breeder has chosen to register a puppy on Full papers, the registration cannot be transferred to Pet only papers, unless a health problem has been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian or professional test results. 

Breeders that do not deal with any health issue(s) that arises with their puppies/dogs in a timely and professional manner, after having been provided with proof of any condition, will be deregistered from the ABCA. 

Clause NO 2: The condition of puppies at time of adoption 

It is unacceptable to sell a puppy without Vaccination records. All puppies sold, regardless of whether sold as pets or potential breeding stock, must be vaccinated between 6 weeks – 8 weeks of age, and proof of vaccination must be supplied to puppy buyers. 

Should Admin be contacted with an accusation of a puppy being sold without having been vaccinated, the breeder will be contacted and required to provide proof of vaccination. If proof of vaccination cannot be provided, that breeder will be deregistered from the Club.

Breeders will have all pups/dogs microchipped prior to them leaving their property. Pups should be microchipped at the same time as vaccination is done at 6-8 weeks of age. Litter registration forms require a copy of each pup's microchip implantation code sticker to be placed on the form prior to registration. 

Puppies are not able to be released from the care of the breeder until at least eight (8) weeks of age, and twelve (12) weeks in the instance of an export. 

Breeders agree to worm all pups/dogs, at appropriate times, and provide information of the medications used and next due date to new owners when leaving their care.

Clause NO 3: Duties of Stud owners

All stud dealings are the sole responsibility of the stud owner.

Transactions are strictly between a buyer and seller.

Any stud agreement is determined and put in place by the stud owner, however Admin reserves the right to act on any dishonesty, misleading information, unethical practice or breach of this Code as it sees fit, particularly in the instance that Admin is contacted with regards to any complaint.

There are no age limitations for stud dogs, however a pre breeding Health Check must be conducted and reviewed by the Admin team prior to being used. While there are no age restrictions for stud dogs members should be aware that a stud's sperm doesn't start swimming until 11 months of age.

Members have the right to use an un-proven stud.

Members are permitted to use a stud dog registered outside the ABCA, however pre mating approval must be provided by the Admin team prior to mating taking place.  

Clause no 4: Puppy deposits

Where the ABCA receive a complaint in regards to the refund of a deposit, unless the breeder can provide documented evidence that the buyer was made aware that the deposit was non-refundable, or should the breeder have advised a buyer that they would refund a deposit, the breeder will be required to refund the payment/s upon resale of the same puppy, less any monies required to cover financial loss.

Should the matter not be immediately resolved and at the discretion of the ABCA, a membership may be suspended until the matter is resolved or ultimately cancelled.


ABCA Administration believes this to be fair for all parties concerned. 

Policy updated 06/05/2017