Welcome to the Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia.


The ABCA was formed in October 2007 by a group of dedicated breeders who held a view of solidarity for the future of the Aussie Bulldog. The group democratically elected a committee who would manage an Ancestry database to keep record of breeders, membership, dogs and lines. The Club would provide breeders with an opportunity to discuss and share opinions on the development of this much loved breed.

The ABCA has since seen a steady increase of fellow admirers and enthusiasts join the Club, remaining unified in direction, to continue the improvement of the Aussie Bulldog and to one day hopefully achieve ANKC recognition.


once upon a time

To become a responsible pet owner (although don't go telling these guys they are a pet, they wont believe they aren't human) you need to do your homework about the breed.  Start here by reading a little about the Aussie Bulldog's history.

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You've done your research and have decided your life isn't complete without a squishy faced family member. Take a look at these beautiful babies looking for their forever homes.

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