Club Guidelines

Further to the ABCA Code of Ethics, here you will find our Club Guidelines. These guidelines provide our members with the standards and expectations in regards to their practices, processes, interactions and behaviours.  These guidelines have been put in place to benefit the club, members, breeders, puppy buyers, followers, the Aussie Bulldog breed and the dogs bred by our club.


* All information held by the ABCA is strictly private and confidential. No information will be passed to any third parties without permission from its owner.

* Breeders must be a current member of the ABCA to obtain registration for any litter.

* No Litter will be registered past the whelp date of 6 months. 

* It is a breeders responsibility to ensure pups are fit and healthy prior to leaving their care. The must also ensure:         

- pups are wormed, vaccinated and microchipped

- pups have satisfactorily passed a health check, conducted by a Vet, between 6 and 8 weeks of age

* The breeding age limit for a bitches is 6 years old. No litters whelped after a bitch's 6th birthday will be registered.

* Only Aussie or British Bulldogs are permitted to be used in ABCA breeding programs. For this reason we restrict outside dogs being used in ABCA breeding programs to the following Aussie Bulldog clubs only:

- Australian National Bulldog Club (ANBC)

- Bulldogs Australia Inc. (BA)

- Australian Bulldog Kennel Club (ABKC)


* No unregistered/unpapered dog will be permitted to be used in any ABCA breeding programs.

* Prior to any mating, the sire and dam must have a valid health check completed and submitted to Admin. The first health check should be completed at 12 months of age and renewed every 2 years following.

* All first time matings must be approved by Admin, particularly where an outside dog is being used.